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Finland: Day…what day is it?

After 20 hours of travel and three flights, Pramas and I arrived in Helsinki yesterday. It’s currently about 5am Helsinki time as I write from the enclave of our cozy European hotel bathroom (where I’ve holed up because I do not want to disturb Pramas with my puttering) and we packed in a pretty full [...]

Busy weekend

Kate and Pramas and I were in Portland over the weekend. I crashed the Canby High School Class of ’88 reunion, even though I moved to Minnesota in my Freshman year, and reconnected with several of my junior high school friends, visited with my brother for the first time in a year and a half, [...]

Crazy Travel is done

My month of crazy travel is finished, for real. Upon my triumphant return from GTS in Vegas I collapsed for half a day in bed and slept like I hadn’t slept for a week (even though I was really good in Vegas and didn’t stay out late or drink overly much). Yesterday was still too [...]

Annual GenCon Technology Meltdown

Sorry for the abrupt departure, my laptop decided to die several little tiny deaths while at GenCon. Randomly freezing up, randomly restarting itself, randomly giving me a blue screen and spewing messages about memory dumps and “contact your administrator” ans so on. Stupid anti-technology aura…

Summary: GenCon was great, the ENnies voters were incredibly generous [...]

Jam packed

Weekend away with Pramas. Too tired for complete sentences.

Orcas Island (look ma, nature!) Mount Constitution (hiking, paddle boats) Deer Harbor Inn (with actual deer, and a hot tub!) Best Montechristo Sandwich EVAH (Srsly!)

Back in Seattle, not quite dinner: Verve Wine Bar

Chez Pominger for a nosh, then off to: Voila (review = AWESOME! [...]


Pramas and I are in Vancouver this weekend. Will post about it when we get back. There WILL be food photos.

Ruby Foo’s

Ruby Foo’s menu Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

When we made the decision to go to Churrascaria Plataforma without the New York group, we tried making reservations at a number of other places. I called up what seemed to be several promising options until my Palm literally blew itself out in my hands. I’ve never [...]

Churrascaria Plataforma

Action shot Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

We originally thought that this was going to be the place we’d meet up with the New York guys, our friends and frequent authors who live in the area, on Saturday night. Communications broke down, though, leaving us uncertain of whether any of them could make it and [...]

House of Vegetarian and Ferrara

"pork" and peanuts Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Jim Crocker, game and comics retailer extraordinaire, is forever being overlooked at game industry buffets and functions, sending up the forlorn cry of “Is there a vegetarian option?” in the meat-centric hubs of Las Vegas or Columbus or Indianapolis. As former vegetarians ourselves, Chris and I are [...]

Zombified by New York

Got to NYC at 4:30am by my body clock and after two hours of screwing around (and a long-ass ride on the A Train) we arrived at the “old school charm” of The New Yorker hotel, where one could feel the cold wind whistling into the room around the window air conditioning unit, where the [...]