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Table for 15

Table for 15 Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Last night we had the pleasure of dinner with some friends of Chris’s from high school. Elizabeth and Geoff live in Seattle with their blended family (her son and daughter plus his three sons). Elizabeth’s sister was in visiting from Boston and another Boston to Seattle transplant [...]

And summer disappeared again…

Rained this morning and was cloudy depressing until early afternoon so we weren’t able to have bunny play time outside or go bike riding. I thought about trying to hit the Ballard Seafood Festival on our way out of town but decided to give it a pass to be sure I wasn’t late meeting up [...]

Lovely Day

I spent the day with Kate. She’s been with her dad since July 3rd (granted, it was after a three month disruption in visitations) and while it’s been nice to be footloose and relatively free in July it was also wonderful to have her back home for the weekend. Tomorrow will be a short day [...]

Passport away


I was told flat out that I should expect “expedited” service to take at least five weeks, not the two weeks listed on the government websites. I’m not surprised. I had to insist that the guy at the office actually send the various notarized lists, forms, and statements that I painstakingly collected over the [...]

June is too Busy!

It’s the last month of school for Katherine and the last month that Orca will be in their current location. They have to move out of the school by the end of the school year, which means there’s a lot of activity surrounding the move taking place in addition to the usual end of the [...]

Busy Sunny Saturday

The weather in Seattle today was just gorgeous. In the low 80s, sunny and breezy.

This morning was the awards ceremony for the Seattle Reading Award for Highest Improvement in Reading. Katherine was one of 234 fifth graders from 58 schools across the school district to get the award. Considering Kate’s struggles with reading we’re [...]

I’ve been having a hell of a time getting motivated to write. Looks like a Weekend Wrap-Up will have to do.

Thursday: After having been out on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I took the opportunity to go out again with Christine on Thursday. Thursday is my night for doing things that involve me alone [...]

The Summer Switch

It’s as if someone out there flipped the big switch and turned on summer. Last week temps were in the 60s and it was cloudy and a bit rainy. This week: 90s and sweltering, with heat advisories and air stagnation warnings.

This week is Origins week for most of Green Ronin. For the first [...]