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My SIFF 2007 experience

We got a late start on the SIFF this year but I made an effort to get out there and catch a few movies in the last couple of weeks of the festival. Apparently, I also managed to miss all the GOOD movies. Of the award winners I only saw the Jury pick for Best [...]

The Fatigue

I’ve had a couple of brushes with illness in recent weeks. The most striking thing about my illnesses hasn’t been the symptoms of sickness (sore throat, headaches, cough or sniffles, what have you) but the crushing fatigue I’ve experienced. It’s the fatigue that’s knocking me on my ass. I don’t remember fatigue being so present [...]

Operation Half-Birthday: Success

Cake close up Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Because Kate’s actual birthday fell during the Great Windpocalypse of ’06, causing days of power outages across the city and so on, it’s fair to say her birthday was kind of a bust. I promised her that we’d do a “make up” party and yesterday was the [...]

Kung Fu Jackson

Tonight was the performance of Kung Fu Jackson by Orca school’s resident playwright and Star Wars-loving teacher Donte Felder. Donte is currently teaching 5th graders (as is my daughter’s main classroom teacher, the outstanding Katherine Law) and both he and Katherine will be moving up along with the fifth grade students when Orca adds its [...]

Seattle Saturday

Mark came down and took Kate out for a few hours so Chris and I grabbed the chance to go wander the Seattle Cheese Festival down at the Pike Place Market. I’d been to the first such festival a couple of years ago with Christine and it was crowded and disappointing but I was willing [...]

Midwest Wedding

I managed to sneak in a viewing of The Call of Cthulhu this afternoon at SIFF. The film is only 47 minutes long, shot in a black and white “period” effect. SIFF was pairing it with two shorts in a broadly similar vein. Director Andrew Leman was on hand for a Q&A afterward. It was [...]

Microwaves and Movies

I got myself a new microwave for Mother’s Day.

My previous microwave was a hand-me-down White-Westinghouse dial model purchased by my bachelor dad back in the 1980s and bequeathed unto me when he married and moved in with my step-family. It had two settings: FULL and DEFROST (which was full power blasted in 5 [...]