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Yesterday was not a good day

It started with the credit card charge/phone tree thing in the morning. Then, of course, there was the shooting across the street from Kate’s school.

Yesterday we also found out that my father-in-law was admitted to the hospital for irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath and dizziness and had unplanned (I don’t know if it [...]

Lovely, quiet Sunday

Fell asleep on clean sheets last night and slept pretty well. I awoke with Eggs Beatrice on my mind, so while Pramas made coffee, I whipped up the rest of breakfast.

Kate and I played a little Viva Pinata together this morning. Technology continues to hate me, as my #2 garden that I was [...]

1000th Post

Today I make the 1000th post to Back in January 2003 I decided to move my paper journaling habit to the electronic world of the blog. I have to admit that I’ve been struggling with how to approach this milestone. I really didn’t want to look back and see that I’d spent my 1000th [...]

Not a Resolution

I don’t do resolutions per se but as 2005 was coming to an end Chris and I agreed that we should be more active in trying to do things, with a goal of doing something together once a month. I suggested that the “doing” part should involve being active and out of our usual rut [...]


I have friends with kids who run the gamut from mildly challenged to profoundly gifted. Providing for these children in their lives, often where school is concerned, is of utmost importance to these parents and usually that involves some sort of “accommodation” from teachers or others in life.

Of course, some people hear the word [...] Year in Review

We’re staying in this NYE so after a dinner of excellent fried chicken and sides from Ezell’s and an hour spent listening to the podcast of This American Life‘s Holiday Spectacular, I’m going to make my last post of 2006 and crawl under the flannel sheets of my own bed to read the rest of [...]


Sometimes I tell people I’ve been busy, when what I really mean is I’ve been paralyzed with self-doubt, anxiety, or depression.

Some days are better than others but Mondays are the worst. Mondays are always fresh loss and renewed grief, the comfort of the weekend ripped away. I’m alone in the house; I often feel [...]


God, Mondays depress me. I hate Mondays and all they represent.


Today I intended to spend the day at Seattle’s Cookin’ expo. I had a really good time at this expo with foxbat a couple of years ago when it was held at the convention center. Chris and I took off on the bus for what should have been a straight shot to the Qwest Event [...]

Sickness trumps stress

I’m going to say it’s sickness that’s been making me feel so crappy the last few days. I’d no sooner gotten to the phone bank to help rally get out the vote callers today than the school called me to pick up Kate, who was in the nurse’s office with a fever and a headache. [...]