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Jury Duty Observations

Spent two days in a room at the courthouse waiting for anything at all to happen. Nothing did. I was not called for anything.

I sat for the entire time in what I dubbed “the outlet corner” which had two outlets easily accessible by four chairs, a little away from everything. I sat in [...]


The Harvest Festival was kind of a bust. Kate and I went to Enumclaw, got lost, drove around and purely by chance and a vague recollection of where the orchard was supposed to be, we stumbled across it and spent about 15 or 20 minutes there. I bought some cider, some raspberry wine, but I’d [...]


That’s both a tribute to yesterday’s Talk Like a Pirate Day and an expression of dismay at how much I have going on right now.

I’m swamped at work. Still trying to catch up on things. We’ve had a particularly heavy release schedule since GenCon, with products staggered out every two weeks, so [...]


Drove to Portland and back today. On the way home, right around Centralia, this pick up truck blew past me going over 80 (while the driver talked on his cell phone) and ruthlessly tailgated the car in front of him for 10 or 20 miles. The entire rear window of his pick up was take [...]

Lazy, Sickly Long Weekend

Yesterday we headed over to R&C’s for a planned evening of kibitzing and some quality time with them and 4/5ths of the Gitel-family. On the way I started developing a migraine. It was a wacky, slow-developing one, triggered by I don’t know what. I actually got the nausea first, before any pain. The first “pain” [...]

Another day down

As I write this, Pramas is ensconced in a British Airways jet and halfway to England, where I hope friend and stranger alike will take good care of him. He’s gone until Monday night. I leave for GenCon on the red-eye flight Tuesday and he’ll follow a day later.

What does Nikchick do when [...]

Get Rich Slowly

My junior high soccer teammate and high school poetry friend, JD, has been having great success with his personal finance blog Get Rich Slowly. JD and I come from the same side of the tracks, I guess you could say. We definitely came from families where money was tight and poorly managed, where personal finance [...]

Home is where?

The other day someone made a comment over at Ex-Teenage Rebel that got under my skin. Considering that it’s not even my blog and I don’t know the commenter, I’ve given a little thought to why the commenter’s jokey little comment bothered me.

In response to Pramas talking about our search for a decent [...]


I’ve been struck by two powerful cravings today:

1) for a cigarette 2) for a bottle of red wine

It’s probably for the best all around that I have neither, though I don’t know if sticking to drinking black coffee is really ideal for my agitation.

Mellow Weekend

Pramas was sick all weekend and spent two days holed up in the bedroom so Kate and I had a pretty mellow couple of days. No Easter baskets this year, though Kate did color a dozen eggs or so. Kate and I went out to a showing of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, [...]