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Breaking Hiatus

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus. Too much going on, most of it I can’t blog about because it’s grindingly mundane or just too damn personal to be spreading all over the internet, especially in light of the sorts of people who have been looking me up in recent weeks.

I may take the [...]

Orca Annual Fund

The Seattle School District is the largest public school system in Washington. It contains 97 schools and serves about 45,000 students. Unfortunately, every year the Parent-Teacher-Student Associations have to raise money on their own to keep programs, retain teachers and support staff, and safe-guard things once believed to be inextricably linked to proper public education, [...]

Kate in the Seattle PI

Last April I described how I learned about Kate’s activism in her school, petitioning the school district about the school lunches and basically being a ringleader for a nutrition revolt.

Yesterday there was a nutrition committee open meeting during the school day that she attended. We had company last night for dinner and gaming so [...]

Goodbye Orca at Columbia

Orca Mural 26 Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Today was the last day students will be at Orca at Columbia. Our award-winning student gardens will make way for portable classrooms as our students are relocated to a new school and a different school program moves into Orca’s building. I tried to capture the gardens, the [...]

Kung Fu Jackson

Tonight was the performance of Kung Fu Jackson by Orca school’s resident playwright and Star Wars-loving teacher Donte Felder. Donte is currently teaching 5th graders (as is my daughter’s main classroom teacher, the outstanding Katherine Law) and both he and Katherine will be moving up along with the fifth grade students when Orca adds its [...]

Orca Plant Sale

Yesterday was the Orca school plant sale. All year students at Orca participate in the Orca garden, helping to plant seeds, nurture seedlings, and contribute in whatever way they can (artistic cement stepping stones, painted bird houses, driftwood mobiles, you name it) to projects that culminate with the annual plant sale. This is a [...]

Many Cultures (of Dissent), One World

Last night was MCOW (Many Cultures, One World) night at Kate’s school. Kate’s classroom was Brazil and the kids made “Carnival” masks, had a Capoeira demonstration and a table full of Brazilian food. One over-achieving family had feijoada brought in from a restaurant. There was, as always with these events, rice everywhere. Every culture has [...]