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The Blue Scholars, My Neighbors, and Snowpocalypse

Thanks to the excellent Rainier Valley Post, I discovered that neighborhood hiphopsters The Blue Scholars had put up a video they shot during Snowpocalypse 08.

Longtime readers might remember that I posted another Blue Scholars video (Joe Metro) that showed some of the depth of Seattle and some scenes I know too well. I [...]

Rock Band Camp Finale

People have been asking how it went, so here’s a little clip that the school put up. I took video from a different angle of the whole performance (including Kate’s favorite, Back in Black) but this will give everyone who doesn’t have Mom-level devotion a taste.

Kate was scheduled to go back to Canada [...]

Kate Rockin’ the YouTubes

As they were leaving today she suggested that another kid play drums for one of the songs because he’s better at it off the bat that she is. “You’ve got time to get better,” he said. “You’re not going to get any better by not doing it.” I think this may be another opportunity [...]

Rock Band Camp, Day 1

Kate completed her first day of Rock Band Camp. She was so excited and nervous about it that she woke up three hours early. I dropped her off at 9am and picked her up at 2pm, hoping that everything was as fun as she’d been hoping.

Verdict: SUCCESS!

Kate is the only girl and a [...]

Juanny Cash is blowin’ up!

Saw this over someone’s shoulder in the paper this weekend but didn’t manage to snag a copy for myself. Can Can Chris is doing a great job getting Vince Mira all sorts of exposure. The Seattle PI calls him “The Reincarnation of Johnny Cash” in their article, which I was happy to find on the [...]

Boys From My Hood

The Blue Scholars are not only from Seattle but also from Beacon Hill. Hell, I’ve probably been on the 48 with Geologic at some point.

I’m currently digging this song (and the video that goes with it). Want to see what my world looks like?

Day of ups and downs

Solved a nagging distribution error. Yay! Still no progress on several other fronts. Boo hoo! Made a batch of really good sweet/spicy pecans (2 minutes to mix while I nuked something for lunch, 25 minutes to bake) Yay! Took Kate to Queen Anne for “holiday Magic” but it was a bust (aimed at small kids [...]


Kate is still in BC. I drive to pick her up tomorrow. Weather should no longer be an impediment.

My mom called my cell phone tonight and scared the crap out of me because she never calls unless there’s some horrible news (or it’s my birthday… whether that’s horrible news or not varies from year [...]

I want to rock and roll all night…

…and part of every day. (A funny childhood mis-hearing of “party every day” that was passed on to me and has now become stuck in my lexicon.)

It’s been quite the go-go-go few days. Of course there’s the usual end of the year/Christmas season craziness at work. Two products that were supposed to be delivered [...]

Thanksgiving Eve Show notes

Saving Arcadia: Still a mystery to me as we missed them completely.

Diablotones: Local Seattle ska, promised to “pick it up” but left it down. By the numbers. What’s with the singing about Jamaica?

Brain Failure: Oh my god, yes! Now we’re talking! Chinese punk rock. Chris has seen them before but this was my [...]