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I’m making a note here:

Huge Success.

Well, I seem to have survived the last couple of days. There were only four girls at the sleepover party which turned out to be a perfectly manageable amount. There was a little friction at first because they couldn’t decide on a movie that would make everyone happy. The girls were really showing [...]

Theo + Kawali Grill + Spiderwick

Busy day. I’ve got photos and whatnot to recap with over the weekend if I find time but I’m frankly exhausted. In addition to prepping for a gigantic shipment of individual orders related to Green Ronin’s Freelancer Fundraiser I had a pretty action packed day.

I went on a tour of Theo Chocolates in Freemont. [...]

Long weekend

Kate had a friend over yesterday for a play date that turned into a sleepover. Some Guitar Hero was played. Her new room set-up provided play and hang-out space so the girls didn’t have to commandeer the living room. We made an abortive attempt to have dinner at Stellar Pizza because Kate wanted to introduce [...]

Girly night

Kate and I had a Girls’ Night last night while Chris was wargaming. I picked her up from school after her “Dance and Cheer” activity and we went down to Starbucks for drinks and snacks and to decide what we wanted to do. Kate was in the mood to see a movie but the only [...]

Blade Runner

I fell for Harrison Ford as Han Solo when I was seven and never looked back. I had the Star Wars trilogy, the Indiana Jones films, and just when I was barely emotionally mature enough for it, Blade Runner to cement that. I love Blade Runner and I love Harrison Ford in it.

When I [...]

Summery Girls’ Night

I’d planned to have most of the day off today so I could go pick up Kate for the weekend but her dad was heading down to Vancouver, WA anyway so he let me know he’d just drop her off at the house. This left me with a few hours free to play Guitar Hero. [...]


Today was a crap day. McAfee broke my internet and I spent several hours on the phone with various tech support people who were purportedly trying to help me fix the problem. Of course, because it was ME (anti-technology field intact) things were complicated, technicians were stumped, and eventually I (and half of Pakistan) had [...]

Hooray night out!

Ah, going out to see Die Hard and the new Heavenly Spies was just what the doctor ordered. I’m more relaxed than I’ve been in months! While Kate is a wonderful girl and I do enjoy the time I spend with her, having her dad not take her for even one weekend since March had [...]

Vampire Moon

Friday night Chris and I headed out to the Egyptian for a midnight showing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s musical episode (Once More with Feeling) on the big screen. That is, of course, one of my very favorite episodes and I proposed to make it a group outing but in the the likely candidates for [...]

My SIFF 2007 experience

We got a late start on the SIFF this year but I made an effort to get out there and catch a few movies in the last couple of weeks of the festival. Apparently, I also managed to miss all the GOOD movies. Of the award winners I only saw the Jury pick for Best [...]