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I spent a lot of time the other night reading up on the Gilded Age because I was thinking about writing up a political post. Found I don’t quite have the stamina to wade into that right now.

Instead, Chris and I spent a Kate-free weekend at home. Because Zipcar has removed virtually all [...]


Today certainly felt like spring. Sunny and low 60s most of the day, which I was immensely glad to see. I spent a distressing amount of time on the phone and the web today trying to figure out the best way to solve our citizenship crisis with Kate; I was under the impression that the [...]


Last night was game night. I set up the fellas with various burrito fixings and even managed to move the story along a bit. Went to bed sometime after midnight. Not exactly sure when I fell asleep but it was definitely after 1am.

2:20am Awake. Get up, pee, get a drink of water. Can’t stop [...]

February 14th

I asked Chris to bring me some chocolates, now that he works right across the street from Metropolitan Market and their artisan chocolate selection. He certainly delivered! Handing me a bag heavy with chocolate bars he said he hoped it would “get you through the day.” It’ll do, it’ll do…

I ended up spending [...]

The revolution will be translated

Today a man from our neighborhood with a very thick Chinese accent knocked on the door and, with the help of a printed petition and much pantomiming, asked me to sign a petition protesting the increase in home owner’s association dues. I happily signed the petition. Even though the actual increase in dues doesn’t affect [...]

HOA mess

Over the weekend Chris talked to someone who was coming door to door in the neighborhood to talk to homeowners about the state of the HOA. Now that all the homes in the three phases of the development are sold, the Seattle Housing Authority (which has controlled the HOA board to this point) will be [...]

Accursed HOA, you will RUE it!

I managed to miss my usual March bout of losing my voice, developing a sore throat and icky chest cough by skipping GTS this year. Or so I thought. Pramas seems to have kindly brought it home for me. I don’t mean to be ungrateful but man, if I’m going to get con crud I [...]

Accursed HOA, I will smite you!

Our Homeowner’s Association is really pissing me off. We received a notice from them on Wednesday that a budget ratification meeting is being held the Tuesday before Christmas. If 67% of the homeowners in the association *don’t* object, the budget they’ve come up with is considered ratified. The dues are set to increase from $34 [...]