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Cooking and eating

I’ve been getting back in the swing of cooking around here again but not back in the swing of blogging about it. During my recent silent period I did a bunch of work in the back yard of the house, including finally putting in those raised beds that I’ve been talking about installing in the [...]

Goodbye Orca at Columbia

Orca Mural 26 Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Today was the last day students will be at Orca at Columbia. Our award-winning student gardens will make way for portable classrooms as our students are relocated to a new school and a different school program moves into Orca’s building. I tried to capture the gardens, the [...]

Changing like the Weather

Man, last night it was hot in the house but I could smell rain moving in. I rarely get that feeling out here, so common in the midwest, where you can smell the rain, feel the pressure change as the storms move in. Had it last night, though, and sure enough around 8:00 rain came [...]

Earth Day 2006

Yesterday was Earth Day. I’d like to claim I knew that, but I went the whole day without remembering. Amazingly, I ended up doing activities appropriate to Earth Day anyway.

We got a somewhat late start to the morning. I made coffee and goofed around with some home design computer programs. Having spent an hour [...]