October 2022
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Divisiveness: not just for politics anymore

Pramas recently updated his blog with some commentary on divisive politics ( Real Americans ) that pretty much exactly matches what I would have to say on the topic. I’ve just had no time to post recently I was just going to do a simple "Me too" and link to it but something else caught [...]

Wine and Games

Setting up for gaming Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Jess has a wine locker at a wine storage place here in Seattle. One of the benefits of this is that they have a room that members can use for private tastings or small gatherings. It was the perfect location for a little wine and gaming. [...]

Support Piracy!

Piracy of the Pirates of the Burning Sea kind, that is.

Pirates is on the front page of the New York Times art section today. The launch has gone well and though there are always haters for anything anyone does, the response to the game is strong and positive. Congrats to Pramas, John, Jess, and [...]

The news has broken

I can officially stop being cryptic.

Prince of Persia Question

Hello my geek friends. A mom friend of mine was considering buying Prince of Persia for her son, who is Kate’s age. Another mom friend warned her away from it saying “Prince of Persia has ‘sex scenes’ in it @ certain levels (including bondage and S&M).”

Is this true? I have to admit that I [...]

Technology’s continuing campaign to thwart me

Friends offered up some helpful troubleshooting tips for the Xbox 360 problem but to no avail. My power source worked fine with the borrowed Xbox but offers nothing to the console it goes with.

Tomorrow I finally have someone coming in to fix our washing machine, after several months of nursing it along and [...]

Why I stay away from message boards

I was up a little early this morning and had a bit of time to go poking around the ol’ Internet for fun so I scanned through a couple of message boards, looking for interesting conversations. Over at, I stopped to browse a thread titled Ars Magica – my first dirty hippy game. ArM [...]

Game Night 1

For the last while Tuesdays have been “Game Night” around here. “Game Night” might or might not actually involve gaming, depending on who can make it and what kind of week we’ve all had. Sometimes it’s more of an “Eat and Bitch Night” and that’s cool, too. Lately, SassyRonin has had a conflict on Tuesdays [...]

Halo 3

I tried playing Halo 3 last night.

I know next to nothing about Halo. What I know I’ve picked up from occasionally watching Tim and Kate play, or from seeing Red vs. Blue. Master Chief, needler, warthog. That’s about all I know. Soldier-guys shooting up Alien-guys. If there’s more, I don’t know it.

Shooter gamers [...]

Violence Against Stick Figures!

News at 11.

Or, in the local metropolitan paper, in this case the Minneapolis-St. Paul-area Pioneer Press.

Back in February I posted about John’s interest in the politics of his hometown of Maplewood, Minnesota. I’ve worked for, with, and around John Nephew for what amounts to my entire career in gaming, going all the [...]