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Summer Recap

The last couple of months have been pretty active for me and I haven’t really written about anything overly personal in months. Figure it’s about time to mend that.

June was Pramas’s 40th birthday. I threw him a party, saw a bunch of old friends and had a really nice time. The following week I [...]

An Open Letter to Marcus King

Dear Marcus,

I awoke this morning to see Green Ronin called out on the front page of ICv2 as part of your commentary on PDF pricing,( ). Spurred by the Wizards of the Coast sudden decision to discontinue all PDF sales of their products, Green Ronin announced we were putting ONE product (our True20 [...]

Green Ronin Podcast

I spent last Thursday chit-chatting with fellow Ronins Pramas and Sass for a new Green Ronin Podcast. Tune in to hear us discuss recent staff changes, game design versus game development, Supervillain’s Handbook, the proper pronunciation of Leitheusser, True20 Freeport: The Lost Island, A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Doctor Who, [...]

Green Ronin Past, Present, and Future

I found myself moved to make a post over on ENWorld today, where people were discussing our recent announcement that Green Ronin will not be signing onto Wizards of the Coast’s new Game System License to support 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. It got a little long, so rather than spend more time trying to [...]

Origins Awards comments

I started writing a long response to mxyzplk‘s post about the Origins Awards here, but then thought to myself “Hey, this could be a blog post of my own!” so I’m posting it to my own much neglected blog as such instead.

Thanks for the kudos on Freeport! We are, of course, quite proud [...]

Rest in Peace Erick

Erick Wujcik Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

I just found out that Erick Wujcik passed away yesterday.

Last year when we were putting together Green Ronin’s Hobby Games: the 100 Best, I did not hesitate to jump on the opportunity to write and essay for the book on Erick’s Amber Diceless Roleplaying. Erick was one [...]

Protected: Rend, Tear, Gnash, ARGH!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

And just like that…

it’s over. GTS technically still runs seminars tomorrow but as far as I can tell, the show is done today. They tried a new format where Monday was set-up day for exhibitors while retailers had seminars, then exhibit hall hours were Tuesday and Wednesday, then more seminars on Thursday. On Tuesday and Wednesday there were [...]

Live from Vegas

Pramas and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas before the GAMA Trade Show officially kicked off. Gabe “Mondo” Vega is eve expanding his ConQuest gaming convention empire and this year he kicked off ConQuest Vegas. We came down to show our support. They had a lovely space up on the 26th floor of Bally’s [...]

How do you figure that exactly?

The role Green Ronin Publishing will play in the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons landscape is still to be determined. It is the middle of March and it has been almost ten weeks since we and others were invited to participate in a conference call with Wizards of the Coast about the future of third [...]