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A shout out to all my Finnish brethren, happy Vappu everyone!

Here’s a little about Vappu in Finland:

From From Wikipedia From Metafilter

Importantly: Vappu without drinking is like Christmas without presents.

Unfortunately I don’t have any student caps and I think I’m short on overalls, too. However, since it’s game night around Chez [...]

Finland Sunrise

Finland Sunrise Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Finland sure was beautiful.

I’m slowly but surely getting some of my Finland photos up online.

Ropecon ended

Hanged zombie Originally uploaded by mrksaari.

I did not take this photo. I did not even see Hanged Zombie in person. But this excellent photo, of this excellent costume, taken at the honest to god live action Rock Paper Scissors tournament at Ropecon (and subtitled “Hanged zombie is quite unhappy after losing rock-paper-scissors battle.”) [...]

Finland: Days 2-4

Finland has been a whirlwind of activity so far. I’ve been taking a lot of photos and video but I can’t upload them from here so I’ll have to do a more thorough reporting when I get back. So fat we have experienced Suomenlinna, Finnish karaoke, miliatary museums, the National Museum of Finland, The Finnish [...]

Finland: Day…what day is it?

After 20 hours of travel and three flights, Pramas and I arrived in Helsinki yesterday. It’s currently about 5am Helsinki time as I write from the enclave of our cozy European hotel bathroom (where I’ve holed up because I do not want to disturb Pramas with my puttering) and we packed in a pretty full [...]

No Finland


A year ago, Chris accepted an invitation to be a guest at Recombination in Cambridge, so we’ve had to turn down an invitation to go to Ropecon.


Helsinki Complaint Choir

Oh, my Finnish brethren! I would join your choir.

Many thanks to Juuro for pointing me to this one.