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Wind, rain, and bitter disappointment

Gusting wind and lashing rain up on Beacon Hill today. Yuck.

Received a call from Whirlpool about scheduling the delivery of my washing machine, finally! I’ve been hanging on by fingernails trying not to have to resort to another trip to a laundry service or a day of Flexcar rental and yet another invasion of Ray and Christine’s house to abuse their appliances.

I waited around all day last Wednesday for nothing and tomorrow was the next earliest time I could get them here. They called this morning: they’ll be by to deliver the machine between 4pm and 8pm. Except no one will be here because I was not warned that they would do deliveries as late as 8:00pm (not to mention the uninstall, haul-away, install portion on top of the delivery itself… they seriously expect me to agree to let them START that at 8:00 at night?) and not only do I have to pick Kate up from soccer practice at 4:45, but I also have to bus up to Queen Anne by 6:00 and I have dinner plans that involve picking up the new family car we are acquiring!

Yes, it looks like we’re getting a car of our own, a flat out “leisure vehicle” that is for things like picking Kate up from soccer practice or going to the post office. We’ll still Flexcar for some things, Chris will still commute by bus… but with the Flexcar/Zipcar merger and the state of Washington’s punitive and wrong-headed “rental car tax” on Flexcar use, it behooves us to have a back-up option of a privately owned and operated vehicle. The timing was right, as friends were getting rid of their old car anyway. For the price of a new alternator, it was ours… and I have an appointment to go get it Tuesday night.

So, no washer for me. Again.

The woman said she’d call back “in a few minutes” to find me another delivery date almost an hour ago. I’m not holding out hope of seeing my washing machine before Thanksgiving at this rate. Sob.

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