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Birthday girl!

Birthday girl!
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Since I know Mama Tynes has been waiting for an update…

We began the evening at Hales Brewery, the first couple of hours spent casually mingling and enjoying food, drinks, and conversation. I was so engaged in chatting with people (many of whom I had not seen since the wedding) I didn’t stop to take many photos.

Cakes arrived safely and went over well (well enough that Rusty hugged me in delight and began quizzing me about the recipe). Leftovers were cleaned up and carted off for later and we all trooped over to the Late Night Show at the Moisture Festival.

The Moisture Festival was good fun, thanks to J&J for hosting their party amidst it! We saw guys on stilts, singers, comedians, clowns, jugglers, a cowgirl doing rope tricks, skits, trapeze artists, live music, plate spinning, generic vaudeville acts, dancers and other performance art. Frank Olivier (“THE Comedy Juggler” got top billing and performed twice, including riding a 10-foot tall unicycle while playing a tribute to Jimmy Hendrix on the guitar and juggling flaming torches. Seriously. (Video of a different performance of a similar stunt it on his website here.)

This morning we got up and met Evan, Rona, and Zoey at Cafe Flora for a little vegetarian brunch action (and to retrieve The Kate), where we had a nice time and were able to catch up like adults while Kate helped keep Zoey entertained. Kate apparently also read Zoey four stories before bed last night!

I’m functioning on less sleep and less coffee than usual and haven’t been able to shake the yawns all day. I suspect the rest of the afternoon is going to be very mellow. I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow, too, because Kate’s class is leaving for a three-day class trip to Victoria and I have to get Kate to the send-off point before 8:00am. Kate’s usually barely out of bed at 8:00am! Wish me luck.

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