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Girls Girls Girls Night

Wednesday nights are often dubbed “Girls’ Night” around here as Chris goes off to Bellevue for Wargame Wednesdays with Rick and we girls are left to our own devices. Often this means we order pizza and watch TiVo. I recently signed up for Netflix again, specifically with the idea that I could order up a particular movie for Girls’ Night, which has resulted in Kate seeing Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Mad Hot Ballroom in the last couple of weeks.

Last night, according to Kate, was “Girls, Girls, Girls Night” because we added Jenny to the mix. Kate is going to be a junior usher in the upcoming wedding and Jenny was kind enough to take us out to the bridal shop to pick up and try on the junior usher’s dress. It looks a little something like this, with elbow-length gloves:

Kate was predictably thrilled with it.

Jenny then scored a double by suggesting that we stop at Blue C Sushi‘s new University Village location. Her unfailing sense for what would be a hit with ten year old girls is inspiring. Not only did the sushi come past on a conveyor belt, but automatically included every one of Kate’s favorites (avocado roll, California roll, and flying fish roe). Jenny and I split some hot sake. It was a very good Girls’ Night.

Going three for three, Jenny scored again by agreeing to come up and meet Bonnie the Bunny, who let herself be scritched and cooed over. Here’s a photo of the bunny, as long as I’m at it. I guess she counts as being part of Girls’ Night, too.

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