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Conquest NW is over and I’m home. Glad to be home, too. Thankfully, I did not have to see any of the creeps and jerk-offs I was afraid I’d have to see! I had a nice time hanging out with the few other vendors at the show, meeting new people, learning to play some new card games. I spoke to a couple of the guys from Enfilade over dinner, got to hang out with some of the staff of Hidden City Games, and shared a couple of meals with James Ernest, who it seems I only see at Conquest conventions anymore.

Attendance was pretty minuscule, though not through lack of trying on Conquest’s part. They offered two-for-one admission coupons to the big game companies (WotC and Wizkids) but we saw exactly two people who took advantage of the offer. They also did a mailing to Dragonflight’s mailing list, which didn’t seem to bring in a lot of people. There were RPGA events running, but I only saw two tables of RPGs going at any given time. The guy who came to GM some Thieves’ World games reported that no one showed up, and the guy who signed himself up to run four True20 demos for us didn’t even show up as near as I could tell. I feel bad to think that some attendees who were looking forward to True20 games might have left feeling we’d contributed in some way to their disappointment. What is it about the people who volunteer for us? This last-minute flake out thing has GOT to stop!

Anyway, I declare Conquest NW a good start and I hope this is the beginning of a great regional show up here that can really succeed. Besides, how can I not support any con that allows me to sleep in the luxurious new Marriott beds? They’re dreamy!

It’s ridiculously cold in the house and I’m chilled to the bone, so I’m going to fix myself a warm drink and crawl under my quilts and blankets in front of the TiVo for a little while. It’s a short work week this week, but I’m not going to worry about all that awaits my attention until tomorrow.

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