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Another Public Service Announcement

Seattle diners, this one’s for you!

For the last 15 years I have enjoyed Muhammed Bhatti’s wonderful restaurant, Cedars on Brooklyn. When I heard Cedar’s was changing hands this spring and going to be Cedars in name only, I was dismayed! I needn’t have worried, because Mr. Muhammed is back and better than ever in his new location, Northgate’s fantastic new Saffron Grill.

We’re in the midst of the annual Green Ronin summit and I had a few places in mind for tonight’s team dinner but those went out the window immediately when Marc told us that we could have the same delicious Cedars food, the same friendly and attentive service, at a new and better location. I knew I had to bring the guys there.

I was blown away by the modern new space after many years of being cramped into Cedars on Brooklyn. It’s a crying shame that a restaurant calling itself Cedars still occupies the space that Mr. Muhammed’s restaurant lived in for so long because this will certainly result in confusion as the zombie “Cedars” continues to trade on the reputation that was built by others. Kate has tried butter chicken all across Washington and in Vancouver BC and solemnly declares the Saffron Grill’s (to her, still “Cedars”) to be “the best ever, seriously.”

The heart of the Cedars on Brooklyn we’ve known and loved now beats in Northgate’s Saffron Grill. Pass it on!

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