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Rock Band Camp Finale

People have been asking how it went, so here’s a little clip that the school put up. I took video from a different angle of the whole performance (including Kate’s favorite, Back in Black) but this will give everyone who doesn’t have Mom-level devotion a taste.

Kate was scheduled to go back to Canada to spend some time with her dad on Sunday morning but there was a change of plans which means Kate and I are getting to spend extra summer time together and we’ve made the most of it. Saturday was a viewing of the new Hellboy and some barbecuing with Ray and Christine (taking advantage of the long overdue nice summer weather) and Sunday Kate and I hit the summer festival circuit while Pramas got some work done.

First we stopped by the Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon down on the waterfront. It was a gorgeous day and we walked a little way along the water before heading into the convention space. Unfortunately the exhibit space was sweltering and many of the exhibitors were having trouble because their chocolates were melting on their tables. I tasted at least a dozen interesting chocolates, truffles, caramels, brittles, cocoas, and brownies. The hands down winner for the “WOW, I’ve never had anything like this!” award has to go to the savory chocolates from Eugene, Oregon’s Kekau, especially their “Smoky Blue” which is made with Rogue Creamery’s Smoky Blue cheese. Holy crap was that good. Their Black Truffle Honey was another winner. There were many other delights (such as Poco Dolce’s Aztec Chile chocolates topped with grey sea salt and I have a list (and a bag full of things I couldn’t resist buying) for further study. We also tried to hit the rumored Berry Bash at the Pike Place Market but we arrived too late for any pie eating contests and saw few stands that were anything “special” that we couldn’t find regularly in the market or at one of the excellent area farmer’s markets, so we didn’t linger too long. Instead we hopped the bus down to Seattle Center for their Bastille Day celebration. Food, live music, and perfect weather for playing in the fountain.

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