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Game Night again

Our game night has been pretty sparse since Jess and Tim both moved to California within a month of each other. The last couple of weeks it’s been down to just three of us getting together, four if we’re lucky. Tonight it was three again.

Luckily for us Kate is getting to that age when we can play adult strategy games together and still all have fun. Tonight we played 3rd edition MagBlast. We’ve been MagBlast fans through all the editions. It’s been a little jarring to go from the more ‘serious’ science fiction version of MagBlast to the most recent version with the Kovalic art and the more ‘wacky family game’ feel but we’re still all on board. Kate was very excited to play as this is one of her favorite games ever. We had fun but had to gang up on and kill Kate once it got to be 11:00 since it’s still a school night for her. Poor kid, someday she’ll be able to stay up as late as she wants. Heh.

Ev’s currently on a restricted diet as he tries to sort out some allergies and whatnot so I went to Metropolitan Market and just let myself be inspired by what was available. Between all members of the group we’ve got to be carb conscious and avoid wheat, soy, dairy, and seafood at the moment. I was going to make some of my favorite sesame noodles with shredded chicken with some rice noodles but remembered there was also soy in the dish and decided to look elsewhere for dinner. Instead I bought a bunch of Indian-inspired ingredients. I made a Sri Lankan eggplant curry from Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian, some peppered cauliflower, some packaged Neera’s Urad & Channa Dal (a hit, will definitely try again, along with others in this line), rice, Sharwood’s papadums, and a round (or two) of tamarind martinis. Kate helped a lot with the food prep tonight, which was great! She helped with something in every dish and made several things largely on her own (including the cauliflower, the papadums, and the dal). She also made dessert, a rosewater and strawberry sorbet. Good meal!

Tomorrow Pramas is headed for Enfilade in Olympia. I have to get up for 6:30am yoga. Kate and I are staying home for a “girl’s weekend” with Rosie (the World’s Sweetest Pitbull [tm]). Monday we’re having people over to play Descent. Next week looks to be busy as I continue to catch up from the Month of Travel ad prep for Book Expo. I fly out on Thursday!

Not too bad of a day, I’ll say.

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