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Summer Recap

The last couple of months have been pretty active for me and I haven’t really written about anything overly personal in months. Figure it’s about time to mend that.

June was Pramas’s 40th birthday. I threw him a party, saw a bunch of old friends and had a really nice time. The following week I [...]

Snapshot of the day

I’m not one who ever posts a summary of my Twitter activity as a substitute for a blog entry but I’m making an exception today because I think these give a pretty good snapshot of my day.

Chris is gone for the weekend, playing games at Enfilade in Olympia. The weather is supposed to be [...]


I spent a lot of time the other night reading up on the Gilded Age because I was thinking about writing up a political post. Found I don’t quite have the stamina to wade into that right now.

Instead, Chris and I spent a Kate-free weekend at home. Because Zipcar has removed virtually all [...]


A shout out to all my Finnish brethren, happy Vappu everyone!

Here’s a little about Vappu in Finland:

From From Wikipedia From Metafilter

Importantly: Vappu without drinking is like Christmas without presents.

Unfortunately I don’t have any student caps and I think I’m short on overalls, too. However, since it’s game night around Chez [...]

Today’s Progress

Thanks to a Honda Element from Zipcar (picked up downtown since there are no longer any Zipcar vehicles on Beacon Hill) I managed to make a few runs to the various recycling and transfer centers around Seattle. I cleaned out enough boxes of Styrofoam packaging to fill the whole cube-y back of the Element and [...]

Zipcar Haiku

Today I received an e-mail pleading for my love. Zipcar loves its “zipsters” and wants to be BFFs. They’re even willing to pony up a free Valentine’s Day reservation or a $25 driving credit to prove they didn’t mean those things they did. Yep, they’re having a Valentine’s Day haiku contest. Heh. You know what [...]

The Great Reorg of 2009

Pantry Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Chris has been posting a little about his ongoing office reorganization. After installing an attic ladder this fall, I’ve moved on to sorting things in our drawers and closets so that everything in the house has a home. It’s impossible to put things away when you don’t have anywhere [...]

Around Here

My mother’s called me several times in the last couple of weeks, usually to talk about things like what Kate wanted for her birthday or to check to make sure the package she sent arrived (she was permanently scarred after the UPS store sent my package with my grandmother’s ring in it across town). After [...]

Protected: My Stalker

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: Emotional Distress

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.