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Brunch at Verve

Pork Belly and Egg Close-up Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Verve is a spacious wine bar in Columbia City, tucked around the corner from more visible eateries like Jones Barbecue and Geraldine’s Counter. I’d been there once or twice before shortly after they’d opened but for one reason and another hadn’t been back. Until this [...]

Rosie Revenge and her bomb cake

Rosie Revenge and her bomb cake Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Derby Liberation Front had an event at Central Cinema tonight, which involved meeting their “new meat” for this year’s team and a screening of Tank Girl.

Since Kate and I are alone all week and this was the sort of thing cool moms and [...]

A Girl and her (borrowed) Dog

A Girl and her (borrowed) Dog Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Rosie (the World’s Sweetest Dog(tm) ) is once again our guest this Christmas. Kate loooooves it when Rosie comes to visit. This was the scene last night as we packed up and went to bed.



Fatty tuna! Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Seattlest (a part of the vast -ist empire) used this photo of fatty tuna from my Umi Sake House Flickr set to accompany an article about food handling permits, toilet paper failure, and no bare hand contact. Yay! (And ewwww.)


Pretty cookies

Pretty cookie Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

I’ve posted the photos of our cookie baking craziness. Kate took this one herself. She’s getting to be pretty good with a camera! You can find the rest of the photos in this set at this link.


New Photos

roasted garlic close-up Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

I’ve uploaded a bunch of new photos, including:


Carmelita (starting with the garlic photo to the end of the set)


and some of the bounty that’s been arriving in my CSA Box. I’m going to be updating this set every week throughout my subscription.


Family Day

Had some good quality time with the family today. Chris made breakfast and puttered around in his office while I uploaded photos from Las Vegas to my Flickr account, then we watched an episode of The Shield while Kate tried to satisfy her growing anime obsession through You Tube.

We went out in the afternoon [...]

Portland Photos

I’m spending the morning braving wet (and possibly icy) roads to go pick Kate up from her dad this morning, so a detailed report of the weekend will have to wait. Meanwhile you can get some idea of what we got up to by visiting my Flickr photo set:

Minnesota Wedding

Back from the wedding. I had such a wonderful time. In addition to seeing my step-brothers and all of my extended step-family, my aunt, uncle and grandpa made the trip from Ely for the celebration. I was surprisingly giddy at the chance to see everyone again. I’ll have some thoughts on the trip late, but [...]

Easter 2006

Oh, how we ate!

Click on the eggs to see a photo set, progression from prep to final presentation:

An update of my recipe pages will follow.