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Argh. I had a nice day of hanging out, playing old-school D&D, eating “pan Asian” and generally goofing off. Unfortunately, I’ve given myself a red wine headache. I was going to blog but I only want to crawl into bed and try to fall asleep so my head stops hurting.

I love red wine but [...]


I’m beginning to think that riding the bus is aggravating my TMJ, which is then triggering headaches. Again last night, after a fine and relaxing evening, I rode the bus home and after my bus ride started to feel a headache creeping up on me. By the time I went to bed, I definitely had [...]

Headache Day

I’ve been off and on useless today. Headaches, though not full-on nausea-inducing migraine headaches, thankfully. I fear I may be clenching my teeth in my sleep again and that I’m having TMJ related headaches. Probably time for me to go in and get checked out medically again either way. Bleh, I hate that. Why must [...]

Food by Four

Food is a loaded subject for me. It’s obvious to anyone who wanders by my blog any given week that I spend a lot of my life considering food. I participate on message boards about food, I read food- and recipe-related websites, cooking blogs, and traditional books and magazines. I considered more than once making [...]


So, I dragged freeport_pirate to the doctor today for his cough and we left with a recommendation that he have his tonsils out.


Food Bliss

My new issue of Cooking Light arrived today. Typically, when a new issue arrives, I look through it greedily, in case there is anything that I can make without running to the store, this very day. Today, sadly, the pantry was “bare” for the snappy recipes I’d have liked to make. Tomorrow, however, is another [...]


Kate stayed home today because she woke up with a fever. When I called the school, I did so with hopes that she’d be going to school tomorrow, but they’ve got a “24-hour rule” that kids can’t return to school until they’ve passed 24-hours with no fever. She was still feverish when I put her [...]


Sure enough, all that travel on buses, trains, planes, and subways (not to mention hauling around in the pouring rain) left me feeling completely ill. Killer sore throat, pounding headache, the works. Slept for 10 hours last night, and don’t feel any better.

Of course I have tons of work to do. This is one [...]