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Cooking for the Pramas Party

Unbeknownst to Pramas, I was plotting his birthday party for a couple of months before it happened. It all started with me beguiling him into agreeing to put our Belize money into a patio. I wasted no time in getting that started because my secret plan was to have it done in time for a [...]

A Good Party

Ray Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

The cocktail party went well. The Laphroaig is long gone, as is the Bombay Sapphire. Somehow managed to end the night with surplus Tomolives.

I was modest in my spread (didn’t even get around to making the tiropitas, as I was waiting to have them fresh and hot once [...]

Operation Half-Birthday: Success

Cake close up Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Because Kate’s actual birthday fell during the Great Windpocalypse of ’06, causing days of power outages across the city and so on, it’s fair to say her birthday was kind of a bust. I promised her that we’d do a “make up” party and yesterday was the [...]

Changing like the Weather

Man, last night it was hot in the house but I could smell rain moving in. I rarely get that feeling out here, so common in the midwest, where you can smell the rain, feel the pressure change as the storms move in. Had it last night, though, and sure enough around 8:00 rain came [...]

TV Party

So I was listening to Black Flag’s TV Party the other night and was overcome by the urge to have a TV party. For those unfamiliar with the song, I’ve linked to the lyrics but the thing that makes the song goofy and funny isn’t reflected in the lyrics. After they swear they’re dedicated [...]

Birthday girl!

Birthday girl! Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Since I know Mama Tynes has been waiting for an update…

We began the evening at Hales Brewery, the first couple of hours spent casually mingling and enjoying food, drinks, and conversation. I was so engaged in chatting with people (many of whom I had not seen since [...]

Another Weekend Gone

Friday night Chris, Kate, and I had the honor of attending an otherwise family-only gathering to celebrate our young friend Emily’s Bat Mitzvah. I met extended family including aunts, uncles, little cousins, grandparents, great-aunts and great-grandparents. Much food and drink and socializing, a lot of good humor, and a happy girl. As a child [...]

Let the Festivities Begin

Events for the great Tynes-Scott wedding of 2006 are underway, culiminating last night with his and hers bachelor(ette) parties that eventually merged into one at Chez Pominger. Since I come to the party from the groom’s side, this was a delightful chance for me to get to know the bride’s seemingly endless stream of sisters [...]

Tea Party

Yesterday I went to a bridal shower at the Queen Mary Tea Room in Seattle. What a great time! I hopped a bus to get there, wearing a short skirt, heels, and a big ol’ day-at-the-races style hat. What fun! We had a rather large group, 12 adults and the sweetest baby, plus gifts, [...]

Hell’s Belles and Ryan Dancey

.flickr-photo { border: solid 1px #000000; }.flickr-frame { float: right; text-align: center; margin-left: 15px; margin-bottom: 15px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } A shot of the band, originally uploaded by Nikchick.

No, seriously, when I went out tonight I did not think I’d end up at the Science Fiction Museum, attending a [...]