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After a busy but very fun PAX schedule, I spent Labor Day laying low and doing little more than combing through recipe books and magazines so I could make out a menu plan and go grocery shopping once I get paid. Since Kate came back to Seattle two weeks early, needing school clothes and supplies [...]

Four Generations

Four Generations Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

I got to see my grandma last weekend. She refers to her brush with death in 2006, where she fell into a coma and wasn’t expected to live as “my little incident” and still seems as spunky and feisty as ever. She’s 81 now and is definitely feeling [...]

Busy weekend

Kate and Pramas and I were in Portland over the weekend. I crashed the Canby High School Class of ’88 reunion, even though I moved to Minnesota in my Freshman year, and reconnected with several of my junior high school friends, visited with my brother for the first time in a year and a half, [...]

Vietnam traveling memorial

My birthplace of Ely, MN (the little town trying to win the MRI machine last year) has been chosen to host the traveling memorial. They’re raising money for the project. The voice on the video is my Uncle Jack, former Navy pilot and veteran of over 20 years. Last year he found himself getting [...]

Winning an MRI

About a month ago, I posted about the efforts of my birthplace of Ely, Minnesota to win an MRI. Siemans, makers of the machines, are giving away one MRI to one deserving community. At the time I posted, tiny little Ely had all of 197 votes.

A friend of mine just wrote to say she’s [...]

Ely, MN Needs Your Help

Modest little Ely, MN (the birthplace of yours truly) is trying to win an MRI for their hospital. Siemans is running a contest and will give away one machine to one hospital.

In order for Ely to win, they have to get people to watch their video and vote for them at this site: [...]

Fewer To Dos

I’m slowly making it through the To Dos on my list. I did a reasonable job of preparing for the summit, though I didn’t have as many charts and graphs as I would have liked and I failed to flog my employees into complying with my requests for a new podcast or a new staff [...]


A friend recently asked How do you feel about your name? Do you think it suits you? Do you think of yourself by some other name, or as the one you tell other people? She sparked the following answer from me:

Nicoles were a dime a dozen in the 70s and I always had many [...]

Grandpa’s fish story

I love this story of my grandpa’s. I begged him to tell it again at his birthday party even though I didn’t have the voice recorder ready. Here’s the story:

Grandpa was fishing on White Iron Lake where his best friend had a resort. My dad was along, just a boy. Grandpa was using 10-pound [...]

Back from Ely

Grandpa and Grandma Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

I didn’t blog much about my plans for Minnesota on the off chance that my grandpa might hear about them somehow. Unlikely as that was, I knew that if I didn’t say anything I couldn’t screw things up. You see, several months ago my aunt and uncle [...]