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Brunch at Verve

Pork Belly and Egg Close-up Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Verve is a spacious wine bar in Columbia City, tucked around the corner from more visible eateries like Jones Barbecue and Geraldine’s Counter. I’d been there once or twice before shortly after they’d opened but for one reason and another hadn’t been back. Until this [...]

The Blue Scholars, My Neighbors, and Snowpocalypse

Thanks to the excellent Rainier Valley Post, I discovered that neighborhood hiphopsters The Blue Scholars had put up a video they shot during Snowpocalypse 08.

Longtime readers might remember that I posted another Blue Scholars video (Joe Metro) that showed some of the depth of Seattle and some scenes I know too well. I [...]

Snow and more snow

Chris’s handiwork Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Seattle’s the kind of place where we get snow once a year or so. If it sticks, it stays around for a day or two and then it’s gone and that’s that. Or so I used to say (just like I used to say that we only got [...]

Launch Party

Mixin’ it up Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

I roused myself from my malaise long enough to join Pramas at Seattle’s Experience Music Project for the Flying Lab launch party for Pirates of the Burning Sea. PotBS is in “pre-boarding” right now, where people who bought advanced access boxes have been able to start playing [...]

Seattle Housing Authority

The Seattle Housing Authority is “a public corporation that provides affordable housing to more than 25,500 people who earn less than 80 percent of Seattle’s median income.” At their website they are eager to tell you that their mission “is to enhance the Seattle community by creating and sustaining decent, safe and affordable living environments [...]

A Good Party

Ray Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

The cocktail party went well. The Laphroaig is long gone, as is the Bombay Sapphire. Somehow managed to end the night with surplus Tomolives.

I was modest in my spread (didn’t even get around to making the tiropitas, as I was waiting to have them fresh and hot once [...]


Snow? On Christmas day? IN SEATTLE?!

Yes!! Woo, could this holiday get any better?

We’re heading over to Ray and Christine’s for dinner in a short while (and packing our overnight bags, just in case) but so far this Christmas break has been flat out awesome.

SNOW! Wheeeee!

The Snowy Day

This was one of my favorite books when I was very little and just learning to read. I remember reading it with my grandmother and, being far north in Minnesota (and very little) snowbanks seemed ten-feet tall, snowy fields were vast expanses too bit for me to make my way across. I still feel [...]

RTID Proposition One

I’ve been trying to keep my head down and out of politics lately, just too much on my plate. However, with the elections coming up (and having received my voter’s pamphlet) I decided to try to make sense of the Big Issue of this election in Seattle: Sound Transit/RTID Proposition One. It’s contentious.

Basically, it’s [...]

Japanese Garden

Speckled koi Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

In honor of my in-laws being in town, we headed over to the Japanese Garden (part of the Washington Park Arboretum) this afternoon. Early morning fog burned off and the sun came out, making it a stunning autumn afternoon that was perfect for strolling around the garden. I [...]