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4th Edition D&D

Inspired by John Kovalic’s post on the new D&D books and his request for us to share out thoughts, I posted the following as a comment on his blog. By the time I got to the end, I figured I might as well just make it into a post for my own blog as well. [...]

Protected: Rend, Tear, Gnash, ARGH!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Random stuff

I started to post about something else entirely but life gets in the way and I will have to save it for later. However, I want to get back to the discipline of posting regularly so here’s a little bit of this and that to fulfill that impulse.

1) The Gay Rights Meme: Like Ari, [...]

And just like that…

it’s over. GTS technically still runs seminars tomorrow but as far as I can tell, the show is done today. They tried a new format where Monday was set-up day for exhibitors while retailers had seminars, then exhibit hall hours were Tuesday and Wednesday, then more seminars on Thursday. On Tuesday and Wednesday there were [...]

Live from Vegas

Pramas and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas before the GAMA Trade Show officially kicked off. Gabe “Mondo” Vega is eve expanding his ConQuest gaming convention empire and this year he kicked off ConQuest Vegas. We came down to show our support. They had a lovely space up on the 26th floor of Bally’s [...]

How do you figure that exactly?

The role Green Ronin Publishing will play in the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons landscape is still to be determined. It is the middle of March and it has been almost ten weeks since we and others were invited to participate in a conference call with Wizards of the Coast about the future of third [...]

Quoted for Truth

Seen on Will Hindmarch’s blog:

When one book on the gaming schedule is done, two things happen: 1) nobody gives a shit, and 2) the next one is already late. So you get all the anxiety of a book with none of the payoff, plus the endless treadmill of deadlines that comes with blogging but [...]

The issue of the buy-in

Phil Reed hits the nail on the head regarding the WotC $5000 Developer Kit Buy-in: In my mind, the fee isn’t the problem. In fact, I think that there should be a fee to use the D&D name and a special, new, trademarked logo.

The problem is that after a few months there is no [...]

The news has broken

I can officially stop being cryptic.

Well, that was interesting


Stuff to ponder today, that’s for sure.