August 2022
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I accidentally deleted the Book Expo report that I just spent the last hour writing up and hyper-linking. Since I didn’t get to bed last night until after 3am (damn delayed flight out of San Francisco!) I’m simply too exhausted to recreate it all from scratch right now.

Instead I will say that I [...]

Random stuff

I started to post about something else entirely but life gets in the way and I will have to save it for later. However, I want to get back to the discipline of posting regularly so here’s a little bit of this and that to fulfill that impulse.

1) The Gay Rights Meme: Like Ari, [...]

Weekend Wonderland

Chris and I just got back from our weekend away. Amazed, it went exactly as planned. Got to the train on time, arrived in Portland on time, had plenty of time to check into the hotel before meeting my brother and his wife for dinner. I almost blew it big-time as I had reserved the [...]

Sarah Katherine Rocks the House

I just returned from listening to Sarah Katherine Lewis read from her book Indecent at Elliott Bay Book Company here in Seattle. I’ve been a long-time reader of SK’s LJ (and still think of her as her former handle “Motel666″) but meeting her in person is a different level of delight.

Sarah is one smart [...]

Avec fromage!

Thanks, Bruce!

Weekend Round-up

Thought about taking Kate to a Seafair concert/fireworks over the weekend but we ended up barbecuing with Ray and Christine on Saturday instead. It was a beautiful day for it. Sunday I was decadent and read most of Children of God, Mary Doria Russell’s follow-up to The Sparrow. Warner Brother’s has the film rights to [...]

Book Club Reading

I’ve been part of an online book club for the last couple of years. I joined purely to spur myself to read again. As a kid I was an avid reader, bringing home stacks of books from the library, reading under the covers when I should have been asleep, reading on car rides until I [...]

First Books

My friend JD is participating in Blogathon 2006. He writes:

Money raised from your sponsorships will be donated to First Book, an organization that fosters reading among low-income children.

Subsequent discussion has veered into reminiscing about our own first memories of books. In my highly literate crowd, most people can’t remember a “first [...]

SIFF Report

I could say more, but I’m tired. A rundown:

Friday: a/k/a Tommy Chong. A light, meandering documentary, not unlike a bunch of good-natured hippie stoners telling a story. The subject matter itself (how the Ashcroft-era DEA entrapped, strong-armed, and eventually convicted Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong fame because his son okayed shipping an order [...]

Night Draws Near

Over the break I read Night Draws Near, Washington Post foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book on the Iraq war and US occupation and, most interestingly to me, the lives of everyday Iraqis who have to live through it.

Shadid is a born and raised American, approximately my age but of Lebanese descent. [...]