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No points for Sears

Well my repair guy finally showed up (and to his individual credit, he’s a perfectly nice guy who was friendly and helpful, no problems there) but not until 12:40-something. After 12:30, I decided to call Sears to complain as I had made very clear that I had responsibilities today and I could not let this [...]

A Tale of Two Repairmen

As chronicled elsewhere, Chez Ronin has needed a bunch of fixes in recent days.

Repair Story One: On October 22, after being unable to find a reputable washing machine repair service that would actually service MY area or MY machine, I broke down and scheduled a repair from Sears. I had to wait another week [...]

Dare I tempt Comcast?

After following along with mysticalforest ‘s trials and tribulations with Comcast I shudder to add dealing with them to my list of things to do…but I must.

We have a two-Tivo household. The “big” TiVo lives upstairs with the “little”, where we enjoyed its capability to record one station while watching another or to record [...]

Technology’s continuing campaign to thwart me

Friends offered up some helpful troubleshooting tips for the Xbox 360 problem but to no avail. My power source worked fine with the borrowed Xbox but offers nothing to the console it goes with.

Tomorrow I finally have someone coming in to fix our washing machine, after several months of nursing it along and [...]

Let’s just say

“Windows Easy Transfer” isn’t.

Burned the program to a thumb drive. Wouldn’t autoplay, hangs if started manually. Burned the program to a CD. Wouldn’t woudn’t autoplay, hangs if started manually. Tried running from a command line, got farther that time, but hangs once it “loads”. Downloaded directly from Microsoft site. Got an installer window to [...]


Everyone was too tired (and full of mango-chicken curry and frozen key lime pie) to game last night. We only had half the group together anyway, so we called it an early “game” night and then Evan and I consulted about what to do about my Microsoft Sharepoint dreams. Working with as many remote employees [...]

New laptop?

Ok friends and techy sorts, if I’m going to get a new laptop, er, notebook computer, what should I get?

What I want: a machine that can connect to my home network, even from (gasp) upstairs on the other side of the house a machine that can run Firefox, iTunes, and Quickbooks at the same [...]

Annual GenCon Technology Meltdown

Sorry for the abrupt departure, my laptop decided to die several little tiny deaths while at GenCon. Randomly freezing up, randomly restarting itself, randomly giving me a blue screen and spewing messages about memory dumps and “contact your administrator” ans so on. Stupid anti-technology aura…

Summary: GenCon was great, the ENnies voters were incredibly generous [...]


Today was a crap day. McAfee broke my internet and I spent several hours on the phone with various tech support people who were purportedly trying to help me fix the problem. Of course, because it was ME (anti-technology field intact) things were complicated, technicians were stumped, and eventually I (and half of Pakistan) had [...]

Is my computer Fuxxored?

Ok, so technology hates me. We’re all clear on that. PDAs, hard drives, laptops, printers, routers, light bulbs for pete sake, they all tend to fritz out (from going just a little wonky to outright self-immolation) when I’m around.

Right now my installation of Firefox is driving me insane. Keeps crashing, randomly, multiple times a [...]