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Summer Recap

The last couple of months have been pretty active for me and I haven’t really written about anything overly personal in months. Figure it’s about time to mend that.

June was Pramas’s 40th birthday. I threw him a party, saw a bunch of old friends and had a really nice time. The following week I [...]

Snapshot of the day

I’m not one who ever posts a summary of my Twitter activity as a substitute for a blog entry but I’m making an exception today because I think these give a pretty good snapshot of my day.

Chris is gone for the weekend, playing games at Enfilade in Olympia. The weather is supposed to be [...]


I spent a lot of time the other night reading up on the Gilded Age because I was thinking about writing up a political post. Found I don’t quite have the stamina to wade into that right now.

Instead, Chris and I spent a Kate-free weekend at home. Because Zipcar has removed virtually all [...]

Where did April go?

Wow, I’ve definitely been AWOL on the blog front for the last several months but April has to be the worst blog month in my history of blogging!

I suppose it all started back in 2008. Many things popped up to cause me stress and anxiety last year. There were multiple family health problems and [...]

Reclaiming My House

We’re making some changes around the house.

Before the Green Ronin Summit I did some serious cleaning and reorganizing that will be ongoing through the fall and into the winter. We’ve gotten rid of a couple dozen boxes of old books, a few VHS tapes, and I’m seriously eyeing many of my CDs now [...]

In Arizona

Sunday night I got a text message from my mother, saying that my grandma was in the hospital. Monday I got an update: my grandma had a 97% blockage in the left pulmonary artery and was facing three choices, none of them great. They could do nothing and she would have a massive heart attack [...]


It’s Wednesday and I’ve crossed 22 things off my To Do list for the week. That’s almost one whole legal page, which would be inspiring except that almost everything I’ve handled so far has been the easy stuff. It’s going to be slower going now as I tackle the more time intensive items.

I ordered [...]

Out from under

I think I’m out from under the worst of the sinus infection and getting my workload back under control. Just in time, of course, to jump back into the thick of things as Green Ronin is exhibiting at two shows over the same weekend! Steve and Hal are taking off for Origins in the east [...]

Game Night again

Our game night has been pretty sparse since Jess and Tim both moved to California within a month of each other. The last couple of weeks it’s been down to just three of us getting together, four if we’re lucky. Tonight it was three again.

Luckily for us Kate is getting to that age when [...]

Summery Weekend

Friday turned out to be such a beautiful day it was little surprise to me that Ray and Christine summoned the usual suspects to inaugurate Grilling Season at Chez Pominger. A little more surprising is that we all made it. I came straight from dropping Kate with her dad and wasn’t even the last person [...]