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Kate Rockin’ the YouTubes

As they were leaving today she suggested that another kid play drums for one of the songs because he’s better at it off the bat that she is. “You’ve got time to get better,” he said. “You’re not going to get any better by not doing it.” I think this may be another opportunity [...]

Rock Band Camp, Day 1

Kate completed her first day of Rock Band Camp. She was so excited and nervous about it that she woke up three hours early. I dropped her off at 9am and picked her up at 2pm, hoping that everything was as fun as she’d been hoping.

Verdict: SUCCESS!

Kate is the only girl and a [...]

What “Girls Night” turned into

It took me a while to realize it (like “Hey, why the heck is this cream I just bought bad already?”) but it’s confirmed, my refrigerator has died. The freezer side is still working a bit but the refrigerator side is definitely dead. I think the freezer took longer because it was packed with solidly [...]

Summery Weekend

Friday turned out to be such a beautiful day it was little surprise to me that Ray and Christine summoned the usual suspects to inaugurate Grilling Season at Chez Pominger. A little more surprising is that we all made it. I came straight from dropping Kate with her dad and wasn’t even the last person [...]

I’m making a note here:

Huge Success.

Well, I seem to have survived the last couple of days. There were only four girls at the sleepover party which turned out to be a perfectly manageable amount. There was a little friction at first because they couldn’t decide on a movie that would make everyone happy. The girls were really showing [...]

Scarring my child

Kate was supposed to be in bed already. She’s been dawdling and trying to draw bedtime out longer and longer… and it heading into that stereotypical teenager biorhythm (which accentuates her natural-born night-owl tendencies).

I chided her (again) about going to bed and getting enough rest and secretly counted myself lucky that I was able [...]

Kate is home!

Very glad to have things back to normal.

Pramas is out at Wargame Wednesday with Rick so it was a girl’s night out tonight. After making the usual rush-hour “enhanced” drive I’m rarely in any shape to cook when I get home. I convinced Kate to get wacky and go out to dinner with [...]

Unexpected Kate-free time

Mark called to let me know that the weather was bad enough that he didn’t want to be out on the roads tonight (and listening to the pelting sleety icy-cold rain hitting the side of the house I couldn’t blame him) so we agreed to leave Kate with him in Vancouver until tomorrow night when [...]

Kate looks like ?

Long weekend

Kate had a friend over yesterday for a play date that turned into a sleepover. Some Guitar Hero was played. Her new room set-up provided play and hang-out space so the girls didn’t have to commandeer the living room. We made an abortive attempt to have dinner at Stellar Pizza because Kate wanted to introduce [...]