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Portland, the GR Summit, and yet more travel

I started to write about my visit to Portland but it turned out to be a little more emotionally taxing than I thought it was going to be. Took me a while to get back to it.

Being back in my mom’s house is always hard for me. I love my mom but I can’t [...]

The Great Reorg of 2009

Pantry Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Chris has been posting a little about his ongoing office reorganization. After installing an attic ladder this fall, I’ve moved on to sorting things in our drawers and closets so that everything in the house has a home. It’s impossible to put things away when you don’t have anywhere [...]

What “Girls Night” turned into

It took me a while to realize it (like “Hey, why the heck is this cream I just bought bad already?”) but it’s confirmed, my refrigerator has died. The freezer side is still working a bit but the refrigerator side is definitely dead. I think the freezer took longer because it was packed with solidly [...]

Deliveries: the continuing saga

Kudos to Macy’s! They gave me the date for my delivery up front. They called with the time the day before, just like they said they would.The delivery guys arrived on time and had my couch unloaded, in the house, and set up in 10 minutes. No fuss, no trouble. It’s exactly what I wanted, [...]

Wind, rain, and bitter disappointment

Gusting wind and lashing rain up on Beacon Hill today. Yuck.

Received a call from Whirlpool about scheduling the delivery of my washing machine, finally! I’ve been hanging on by fingernails trying not to have to resort to another trip to a laundry service or a day of Flexcar rental and yet another invasion of [...]

Official: Too Much Stuff

You would think that having recently divested the household of 8 boxes of books I’d be sitting pretty. Not even close. Can’t even tell they’re gone, to be frank. We officially have too much stuff. Junk. Crap. Detritus.

In order to make room for the washing machine repairman (who didn’t show up yesterday and [...]

Spring, please stay!

I’m so ready for the weather to stay nice! I don’t have a sense of whether this spring is “average” for cloudy days/rainfall/cool weather but it has felt exceedingly long to me this year. I’m ready, SO ready for sunshine and warmth.

Yesterday was just nice enough. I spent a couple of hours wearing a [...]