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Guilty as Charged

I’ve been amusing myself recently by reading the blog “Stuff White People Like”.

Today’s entry was especially apropos. Guilty as charged…. well, except maybe for the screaming.

I’ll also cop to being at least somewhat guilty of entries #1, #11, #23, #24, #35, #38, #42, #44, #48, #54, #64, and #75.

Some entries are [...]

Spray-on Condoms?

Or, as Patton Oswalt would say, “Sometimes science is wrong and gives us shit we don’t need.”

While wolfing down the last of the leftover stuffing from Thanksgiving for my lunch today, I was browsing the SLOG and good ol’ Dan Savage had this scientific “breakthrough” to share: German Invents ‘Spray-On’ Condom The system works [...]

NPR cracks me up

Listening to a show on NPR tonight I heard an interview with Roger Tullgren, the Swedish metal head who has received an official diagnosis of Heavy Metal Addiction and receives government benefits. Because of his disability, he now has a job where his boss allows him to play music at work and take time off [...]

The “pimp” stand

I was walking near the park the other day with Kate when she asked me if it was true that you had to have a license to have do a car wash, because she and her friends had been talking about ways to make money and having offering a car washes was one idea. I [...]

Very, very wrong

Sick and wrong…but funny. Don’t click if you have an aversion to swearing babies. (If you’ve ever heard my “extra fucker” story, you know I don’t have any such affliction.)

Jonathan Coulton

I wrote about seeing Jonathan Coulton perform at the Pre-Bumbershoot literacy fundraiser back in September. The whole event was enjoyable and right up my alley and I’ve been accumulating projects from most of the night’s participants (I bought The Decemberists album The Crane Wife based on hearing Colin Meloy do “O Valencia!” that night) and [...]

Helsinki Complaint Choir

Oh, my Finnish brethren! I would join your choir.

Many thanks to Juuro for pointing me to this one.

(NSFW)Tickle Me Harder Elmo

It was only a matter of time…

Those of you with corporate overlords who might object to something you view from work might want to view this from home, just to be safe, I suppose.

He’s a Lumberjack…

A couple of months ago, we introduced Kate to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. She’s just about at the right age, imho, and she’s been exposed to so many of the elements out of context through conventions (and so also guys dressed as monks chanting and whacking themselves in the head, plushy killer rabbits [...]

Fear of Girls

Took me a while, but I finally went to check out Fear of Girls. I’ve had contact with Tom Lommel through his work with NASCRAG, so I enjoyed an extra level of amusement.

“Do you rue attacking Krunk? Do you RUE IT?!”

Note to self: now that Kate knows about “smiting” I must remember to [...]