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Official: My new favorite cookbook

This one is a real winner! I’m ashamed of myself that I’ve never done more than look through some of the pretty photographs in this book before now. Maybe if I’d read this glowing review in The Atlantic Monthly …which it turns out I completely agree with, seven years late.

Yesterday I made a [...]

Nikchick Eats More Veggies

Met with a nutritionist today. Wow, was that RIGHT up my alley. It was great to have my gut instincts validated by a professional who gave thumbs up to my recent food choices and was able to laugh at my enthusiasm when I blurted out things like “I already have that in the fridge!” or [...]

Cooking again

Monday I had a minor procedure done at Virginia Mason and when dinner time rolled around, I did not feel up to being on my feet and cooking anything. I was also definitely not in the mood to drive (or ride the bus!) anywhere in the cold and damp. Luckily for me, my sweetie is [...]

Pressure Cooker

I’m feeling very loved this holiday as my friends and family have been very attentive, we’ve had plenty of time to spend together, we’ve talked on the phone or gotten cards from many many people. It’s been lovely.

I was also completely spoiled with gifts this year as well. In addition to the already-blogged [...]


Spent all day working on holiday treats. Most of the recipes are out of books or magazines but I’ll put them up on my recipe pages as warranted.

One that IS online is Kitchen Wench’s Walnut, Honey & Espresso Caramels, photos of which she posted on Friday and I haven’t been able to think about [...]

Weekend recap

So Blue Ribbon Cooking School was fun. Robin was so thrilled she suggested we should do it every year! We had two instructors for the cooking portions, who I promptly dubbed “Chef Boot Camp” and Chef Laid Back.” I ended up in Chef Boot Camp’s group at the beginning of the evening but thankfully we [...]

Birthday bash photos

Robin and Nicole Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Man, I’m STILL exhausted. We had a great time, cooked up a storm then many of us closed out Seattle’s Best Karaoke at 4:00am. I’m sure it must have been after 4:30 by the time we got home and maybe closer to 5:00am by the time we [...]

Focus Group

Today I took part in a focus group. I signed an NDA so I can’t talk about what I saw in any specifics, but I can say that I got to see the story boards and concepts for four different ad campaigns. I’d kind of hoped it would be political in nature but there were [...]