November 2021
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Sunny Saturday

Pramas had agreed earlier in the spring to help me put in a paving stone patio in the back yard. Since we finally seem to be having actual summer weather and have had several days without rain, the time to get to work seems to be upon us. We trotted off to price out materials [...]

Herbfarm write-up

I’d planned to give Pramas the chance to write in more detail, but he has work to do and I’m not quite recovered from my latest bout with the plague and am still lazing about so I got to it first.


Herbfarm photos up

Ravioli plate, close up Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Chris made a short post about our dinner at The Herbfarm for his birthday last night. I’ve uploaded all the photos but that’s all I can get around to before running off to brunch with John & Jenny, retrieving Kate and hitting the showing of Scaramouche. [...]

New Photos

roasted garlic close-up Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

I’ve uploaded a bunch of new photos, including:


Carmelita (starting with the garlic photo to the end of the set)


and some of the bounty that’s been arriving in my CSA Box. I’m going to be updating this set every week throughout my subscription.



Joined John, Jenny, and Jim for dinner last night at Betty, a new Queen Anne restaurant. I left my camera at home (to my companions’ amazement) so no photos of this visit. Kate and I were half an hour late because the directions we got from Metro’s trip planner had us taking a bus that [...]

Joy Palace

Chris was up excruciatingly early yesterday (and I’d stayed up particularly late after game night with Ray again) so we didn’t get to go out for a walk together in the morning as we have been. Instead, we walked down the hill to Joy Palace to both get in a walk and so I didn’t [...]

Date Night

Kate’s class left for their three day-two night trip to Victoria, BC. Since I took the hit on the OPI trip last fall, Mark is joining the kids in Victoria this time around. Kate was thrilled that her dad was coming and that all of the kids were going to get to meet him and [...]

Ipanema Grill

Introduced lemuriapress and bbcaddict to the Ipanema Grill last night. bbcaddict was nice to come out with us even though she’s just getting over an illness. We were seated at the same table that hosted our party during the Green Ronin summit in October and weladies were positioned with a view of the big video [...]