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Game Night

One of our wayward former game-night friends was back in town tonight after a year’s absence. Jess took a job in Orange County about a little over a year ago and (along with the defections of Bruce the Traitor and Tim) his loss was sorely felt at game night. He’s back in Seattle for the [...]


I wanted to thank everyone for their sympathy on the whole friend moving away issue. I really do appreciate it. I just needed to cry a little for myself so I could move forward being supportive and positive for my friend and his opportunities. Everything about this move has the possibility to be good for [...]


I’ve been out of the loop for a while so I completely missed the release of this game from Wizards of the Coast. It’s billed on the WotC site as “A D&D Supplement” which is completely bizarre as it has nothing to do with “supplementing” D&D. It’s a GAME and a perfectly fun one at [...]

What’s become of game night

Last game night we were looking for something that could handle 5 players, wasn’t going to be too long or involved, but that we could start after dinner wound down and still feel like we’d done a bit of gaming. We broke out Tsuro which we’ve had on the shelf for ages but never managed [...]

Pirate’s Guide to Freeport

Wow! Just got the proofs in for this book and it’s gorgeous! We’ve put out a lot of books over the years and I love each of our little book-children in their own special way but the Pirate’s Guide to Freeport is the particular sweet, sexy, pirate-flavored goodness that makes me squee with delight.


Fun at Game Night

No roleplaying this week but we did play Ticket to Ride and a couple of games of Walk the Plank. Kate even joined in. It’s nice that she’s old enough to play with the adults now. In fact, she’s pretty capable and uses good strategy. She plays to win.

I heard her on the phone [...]

Dr. Lucky

Ray was over for game night last night so he poked around on my computer for a while and returning to a previous installation from months ago I’m at least up and able add/remove programs and Firefox is running without crashing. Small steps. I’m still not exactly confident about this machine in the long term [...]

Computer Games Frustrate Me

Kate and I have had a pretty good run of fun playing the various Nancy Drew PC games put out by Bellevue’s own HER Interactive. So much so that I pre-ordered the last release and Kate and I played through it in a little over one day. That was a bit of a disappointment, to [...]

Strategies Games & Hobbies

Wall o’ Board Games Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Strategies Games & Hobbies is a fairly new store that’s opened up in Vancouver and we finally had a chance to visit last weekend.

From my perspective as both a publisher and a gamer myself, Darren is doing everything right with his store: it is clean, [...]

My Weekend With Kappa Kappa Gamma

Thanks to the miraculously good deals on hotels I’ve snagged through Hotwire (and a CDN to USD that’s not quite as good as the glory days of $1.43 when I was living up there but it’s way better than the conversion to the Euro or the Pound in recent memory) Chris and I have managed [...]