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And the day was saved…

Kate and her friend arrived home after school and we got them all set up to take over the living room for Sleepover Extravaganza 2007. Furniture was moved, sleeping bags unrolled, Nintendo DSes were plugged in. I braced her for the bad news.

“I have some bad news…” I said. “You weren’t able to [...]

Anti-Technology Aura and the Xbox 360

Kate is having a friend over tonight. This is a new friend this year and Kate’s fairly excited about the sleepover. I took her to Hollywood video so she could rent some movies and Xbox games in anticipation of the event. She picked up Sonic the Hedgehog for the Xbox 360 and gave it a [...]

Halo 3

I tried playing Halo 3 last night.

I know next to nothing about Halo. What I know I’ve picked up from occasionally watching Tim and Kate play, or from seeing Red vs. Blue. Master Chief, needler, warthog. That’s about all I know. Soldier-guys shooting up Alien-guys. If there’s more, I don’t know it.

Shooter gamers [...]

Ipanema Grill

Introduced lemuriapress and bbcaddict to the Ipanema Grill last night. bbcaddict was nice to come out with us even though she’s just getting over an illness. We were seated at the same table that hosted our party during the Green Ronin summit in October and weladies were positioned with a view of the big video [...]


So after getting an Xbox 360 for Christmas and playing with it for about a week, it had a hardware failure of some sort and we can no longer play any games or DVDs on it. Joking about my anti-technology aura aside, I know that some percentage of any product of any sort will be [...]

Anti-Technology Aura Continues


The Xbox 360 has decide it can’t (or doesn’t want to) read the CDs for most of our new games.

Insert game CD (say, Viva Pinata or Arcade). Spin, spin, spin. Options include “Open Tray” and “Close Tray”. Sometimes we get a black screen. Kate’s gotten a message that says “Unreadable” or something. Sometimes [...]


I was a total slug today. I put a load of laundry in and put away the silverware out of the dishwasher. That’s it for productive behavior. I was loathe to fully engage with this last day of vacation. The day dawned dark, cold, and rainy. I did not stay up late last night, did [...]

Viva Pinata

Kate helped me play this (“Look out! Bat!” and “Press X, go to your journal, QUICK QUICK! What does the Doenut need to stay?”) for several hours last night. Chris was at Rick’s, where I hear they tried out some BattleLore. Kate and I built a garden, attracted animals, romanced the hell out of a [...]