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Feels like midnight

We’re reaching that time of the year when the days are growing ever shorter and my energy level crashes to match. A couple of nights this week I stayed up late (or got poor sleep) but surprised myself by staying up ridiculously late last night. An after-work dinner with visiting GAMA dignitaries turned into an [...]

Ropecon ended

Hanged zombie Originally uploaded by mrksaari.

I did not take this photo. I did not even see Hanged Zombie in person. But this excellent photo, of this excellent costume, taken at the honest to god live action Rock Paper Scissors tournament at Ropecon (and subtitled “Hanged zombie is quite unhappy after losing rock-paper-scissors battle.”) [...]

Zombified by New York

Got to NYC at 4:30am by my body clock and after two hours of screwing around (and a long-ass ride on the A Train) we arrived at the “old school charm” of The New Yorker hotel, where one could feel the cold wind whistling into the room around the window air conditioning unit, where the [...]

It’s dread you’re feeling, chick.

Yep, nothing like a trip to New York to inspire feelings of, well, dread in me.

Chris lived there for nine years and loves it. We joke that New York is his mistress. Ray loves it there. Jess loves it there. All of Chris’s college buddies who still live there seem to love it. Me? [...]

Conquest NW

Chris and I and Katherine got ourselves together today to go out the Bellevue and visit with our pals at Avalon Conventions, the fine folks who put on the Conquest shows all along the west coast from LA to Seattle.

As I said to Chris, I can’t believe it’s been a year since we [...]


Conquest NW is over and I’m home. Glad to be home, too. Thankfully, I did not have to see any of the creeps and jerk-offs I was afraid I’d have to see! I had a nice time hanging out with the few other vendors at the show, meeting new people, learning to play some new [...]

SF Recap

Long weekend, but Conquest SF was well-organized, well-attended and everyone involved was extremely hospitable. We sold some stuff, sat on some panels, Kate played games in the kids room, made friends with another girl, was very tolerant of our need to do boring adult things.

We took BART into the city one night to have [...]

ConQuest San Francisco

We’re off to Conquest San Francisco in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, where Chris, Kate and I will be Special Guesting with the likes of Ken Hite, my former boss and Mr. Cheapass himself James Ernest, and Keith Baker (among others).

Come by and say hi if you’re in the Bay Area!

Have [...]

GenCon Indy ’05 – Day Three

I’m hoping that someone else will come up with the energy to post details about Last night’s awards ceremony itself. I’ve seen very little but straight up lists of the winners reported. There were some great moments, off the top of my head: EN World’s Piratecat did a great job as presenter and dextra‘s lovely [...]

GenCon Indy ’05 – Day One

Man, today was one big, busy day! Got the last of the booth set up and ready in the nick of time before the hall opened, with the guys from Human Head and The Game Mechanics setting up products and props specific to their product lines this morning. Dozens of fellow exhibitors were stopping by [...]