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GenCon Thursday

Great day! I’m personally having the best GenCon in years, I just feel really energized and “up” and happy to see everyone. I haven’t done any other cons this year so I don’t already feel burned out and tired (as I’ve felt by the time we got to GenCon in recent years). It’s been so [...]

GenCon Begins

Whew, yesterday was a whirlwind. Up before 3:00am to wait for Shuttle Express (having gone to bed after 12:30am, because I just can’t get to bed early the night before a big trip), we flew to Indy via Phoenix, got in exactly on time, got checked into our hotel by 5:00 and started on the [...]

Free Wireless Hotspots at GenCon

I received e-mail from an unknown informant today. In any other circumstance I might have thought it was spam, but GenCon is a bit specific to be random spam. My informant is unknown to me but apparently feels I might be interested in knowing where free wireless hotspots can be found in Indianapolis while I’m [...]

Weekend Round-up

Thought about taking Kate to a Seafair concert/fireworks over the weekend but we ended up barbecuing with Ray and Christine on Saturday instead. It was a beautiful day for it. Sunday I was decadent and read most of Children of God, Mary Doria Russell’s follow-up to The Sparrow. Warner Brother’s has the film rights to [...]