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Wimpy Roy Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Subhumans photos are now up.

Anniversary weekend

freeport_pirate and I spent the weekend in Vancouver to celebrate our anniversary this weekend. Thanks to some school friends of Kate’s, we got to spend our romantic weekend away together alone after all (after Kate’s dad had to be out of town and skip his visitation weekend, this plan was in peril until the very [...]


Venison plate Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

For our big culinary excursion of the trip, Chris and I went to Nu. Nu, as they are only too happy to tell you, are the winners of some dozen awards: Critics Choice, Readers Choice, Best New Restaurant, Best Small Plates, Best New Fine Dining, even Best Parking. [...]

O’Doul’s Restaurant, Vancouver

Smoked Salmon with Frisee Salad Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Chris and I wandered into O’Doul’s without a reservation on Friday night for a late dinner. It was after 8:30pm and despite the live jazz band performing, it wasn’t noisy or too crowded. There were a couple of different large parties of people out for [...]

My Weekend With Kappa Kappa Gamma

Thanks to the miraculously good deals on hotels I’ve snagged through Hotwire (and a CDN to USD that’s not quite as good as the glory days of $1.43 when I was living up there but it’s way better than the conversion to the Euro or the Pound in recent memory) Chris and I have managed [...]

Out of Town

Rough week for Green Ronin’s ownership. Saturday night Hal’s dad died. Yesterday, alone in Vancouver because Chris had gone to Boston for the funeral of his aunt, I found myself drawn to Stamps Landing.

This was Nigel’s place. We gathered here every week, our erstwhile writers group, and this was the birthplace of Bootstrap [...]