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In Memoriam

I’m in a weird head space right now. Longtime friends and readers may remember that I am still part of an e-mail list that started when I was pregnant, as a pregnancy support list. I was living in Vancouver at the time, my husband was absorbed in graduate studies and I was rather isolated being [...]

Protected: Someone I know

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Rest in Peace Erick

Erick Wujcik Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

I just found out that Erick Wujcik passed away yesterday.

Last year when we were putting together Green Ronin’s Hobby Games: the 100 Best, I did not hesitate to jump on the opportunity to write and essay for the book on Erick’s Amber Diceless Roleplaying. Erick was one [...]

Aunt Connie

Got word that Chris’s elderly aunt Connie died last night. Chris is scrambling to see if it’s at all possible for him to make a trip out to Boston for the funeral on short notice. Unfortunately, I’m scheduled to go up to Vancouver this weekend to see Miss Kate perform in Twelfth Night for Shakespeare [...]

Goodbye Mr. Rogers

March 20, 1928 – Feb. 27, 2003

“You don’t set out to be rich or famous. What you set out to do is to be helpful.”

Fred Rogers, gently soft-spoken stalwart of my childhood, died today of stomach cancer. It seems such a hard, cruel way to lose such a gentle man. If there [...]