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Good news and bad news

Good news: I wasn’t 15 minutes late for my appointment after all!

Bad news: I was 23 hours and 45 minutes early.

It’s going to be that kind of day.

In that vein, I default to the Pooh Personality Test for content.

Your Score: Piglet You scored 13 Ego, 17 Anxiety, and 10 Agency! [...]

Outside my damn house

Outside my damn house Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Yesterday, three cars full of young men rolled up in front of my house for an impromptu party, alternately swigging from bottles of liquor and divvying up a stash of marijuana right out in the open. Eight or ten of these guys put together four or [...]

Rat City Rollergirls

Kate at the bout Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

We took Kate to the Rat City Rollergirls’ Big Gay Bout last night. Met up with the usual suspects, who all sprung for the VIP section whereas we wanted the child rate and so were seated up in the GA section. Towards the end of the [...]


Yesterday was Free RPG Day.

We had originally wanted to participate in Free RPG Day by having our Mutants & Masterminds Beginner’s Guide included (an introductory product for our flagship game that we specifically had printed up to take advantage of opportunities like this — we promoted it at the ALA Midwinter show, we had [...]

Goodbye Orca at Columbia

Orca Mural 26 Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Today was the last day students will be at Orca at Columbia. Our award-winning student gardens will make way for portable classrooms as our students are relocated to a new school and a different school program moves into Orca’s building. I tried to capture the gardens, the [...]


Haven’t done one of these in a while, so…

Your Score: Proteus 33% Extroversion, 13% Intuition, 100% Emotiveness, 33% Perceptiveness

Changing your shape to suit your situation, you are most like Proteus. More than anything else, you need to be wanted. You have a very strong work ethic, and are very adaptable, but are [...]

Herbfarm photos up

Ravioli plate, close up Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

Chris made a short post about our dinner at The Herbfarm for his birthday last night. I’ve uploaded all the photos but that’s all I can get around to before running off to brunch with John & Jenny, retrieving Kate and hitting the showing of Scaramouche. [...]


Hey! Originally uploaded by Nikchick.

This enterprising little squirrel figured a way into the bird feeder that hangs just outside my window. He somehow scaled the vinyl siding until he could grab onto the screen window, which he treated like a ladder and climbed up easily. Still, I didn’t think he was going to [...]

The Fatigue

I’ve had a couple of brushes with illness in recent weeks. The most striking thing about my illnesses hasn’t been the symptoms of sickness (sore throat, headaches, cough or sniffles, what have you) but the crushing fatigue I’ve experienced. It’s the fatigue that’s knocking me on my ass. I don’t remember fatigue being so present [...]

Passport away


I was told flat out that I should expect “expedited” service to take at least five weeks, not the two weeks listed on the government websites. I’m not surprised. I had to insist that the guy at the office actually send the various notarized lists, forms, and statements that I painstakingly collected over the [...]